When I was pregnant with my twins there was little I could do to get comfortable. Something I finally realized that helped me find my zen was strong scents. They connected me with feelings that sparked joy. Even now that I've had the babies the urge to create art is still linked to strong scents - thus Art Sense was born. 

Art Sense is a gift line pairing of paintings with scented hand poured small batch candles. While creating the candle line I painted in conjunction with the feelings sparked, and notes of color imagined. Each scent embraces a bit of nature as does the abstract paintings they are paired with.


Each print is giclee printed on Lyve rolled canvas. Paired with a varnish your print looks as if it's the original and can be enjoyed for a lifetime. 


Candle scents are inspired by the outdoors, gardens & nature. They are hand poured in our studio and each carry a strong scent to create a beautiful atmosphere.


ArtSense series are ready to be gifted. The packaging is well thought out and beautiful. Even opening your ArtSense item should be an experience

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Stay in the know! ArtSense launches April 1st with pre-orders beginning on March 1st.

Everyone who joins the mailing list will receive a sample set of all five candles in the series as well as a lookbook.